Physio at Home

Having a Physio at Home can be life changing. It may be that balance and mobility problems have resulted in lost confidence or a neurological condition is limiting your function and a visit to the clinic is just not possible or convenient. We believe that Physiotherapy should be for everyone regardless of age or mobility status. We offer Physio at Home, treatment and rehabilitation services in the Crosby, Blundellsands, Thornton and Waterloo area.

What can Physio at Home do?

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Physio at home - walking practice
Physiotherapy at Home

More information

For more information about Physiotherapy and what it can do for you, why not visit the public page of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website? There you can find accurate information about the profession. At Blundellsands and Crosby Physio we are full members of the Charted Society and Registered with the Health Professionals Council. This means we keep up to date with the latest training and professional development, ensuring the quality of service you receive is high.

Finding The Right Physio

We understand that finding the right physio is a huge part of the process. You shouldn’t have to pay before knowing if they are the right physio for you. If you would like to talk to Ben Watkins – who is the lead clinic physio – about the service and his approach, we can arrange a telephone or a video call. There is also a section about him on the site you can read here. Why not get in touch today and start the process.

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