Blundellsands & Crosby Physio Hydrotherapy Service

We are delighted to have a hydrotherapy partnership with Liverpool Swimming Academy. Based in the heart of Waterloo, Liverpool, their excellent facilities include a warm water heated pool, electric hoist access, lifeguard support and accessible changing facilities.

Clinic physio Ben Watkins delivers the hydrotherapy group for patients with a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions. During time working at a rehab hospital in Sydney, Ben developed a broad experience in hydrotherapy rehab which he now offer to patients at Blundellsands and Crosby Physio.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of aquatic physiotherapy which uses the warmth, hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy in the pool to facilitate movement. A range of techniques and equipment can be used to support exercises that patients may find too painful or difficult to perform out of the pool. It’s also a great place to perform relaxation techniques for pain management, balance training, build strength and endurance and regain vital confidence after an injury.

Group Hydrotherapy

The service is currently set up for group therapy. We maintain a safe therapist to participant ratio at all times and consider individual ability and needs. Each participant will be working towards their own goals in a program set and supported by an experienced physio who will be in the pool at all times to teach the exercises and answer questions.

Times & Location

The Hydrotherapy group runs in the Liverpool swimming academy in waterloo, Liverpool from 12.30-13.15 on Mondays. We hope to be able to offer more group times in future depending on the popularity of the service.

For those who may need one to one hydrotherapy treatment please highlight this in your contact form.


6 week course of hydrotherapy £300

One to one hydrotherapy sessions £120

Pre group screening

Due to the nature of group hydrotherapy, pre assessment and medical screening is mandatory. All group members must attend an initial assessment with a physiotherapist where a full history of your condition will be taken and the aims of your program in the pool discussed. A medical screening questionnaire must also be completed in advance of starting hydrotherapy. If you have any concerns regarding medical fitness to participate please discuss this with your GP.

Booking Hydrotherapy

We are now taking bookings for Hydrotherapy. Simply send a contact form with your name and contact number or you can call us directly.



Pool side view

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