A handy way to use ice

The use of ice is something that I’m often asked about in the clinic. While there is controversy around what ice actually does to the bodies inflammatory process, it is clear to me that its use for temporary pain relief is safe and effective for a great many people. I think one of its most useful side effects can be to help reduce the use of pain killers.

There are a great many ways to apply ice to any injury, from the bag of frozen peas to very expensive cryotherapy machines. I wanted to use this quick post to share a product that I think is excellent for it simplicity and ease of application.

The Ice-it-Away!

Ice it Away

The ICE-it-away was developed by Claire Robertson who is a physio specialists in the treatment of knee pain. You can purchase an ICE-it-away directly from her website for £19.99 via the button below.

Please note that this is not something I sell here at the clinic or have any investments in. I own one for my own personal use and I am confident to recommend it to my patients, often getting great feedback when I do.

Please note this blog does not constitute medical advice on how and when to use ice safely. For more information please read product instructions in full or to discuss your own case please book in for a consultation.

Thanks for reading!

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