Injection Therapy

Injections for Pain Relief

Physiotherapists with advanced training can administer joint and soft tissue injections within their own specialist scope of practice. Here at Blundellsands and Crosby Physio we can offer injection therapy for musculoskeletal problems related to joint and soft tissue pain.

The most common type of conditions injected are;

  • Shoulder osteoarthritis or rotator cuff pain
  • Knee and knee cap (patellofemoral) osteoarthritis
  • Wrist and hand osteoarthritis
  • Ankle joint osteoarthritis

Other conditions can also be injected. Please note that specialist assessment is warranted to ensure your particular condition is appropriate for us to inject. Once an injection is deemed safe and appropriate, an order can be placed for the injection product and an appointment for administration in clinic arranged.

Injection for Osteoarthritis

Here at Blundellsands and Crosby Physio we use the viscosupplementation solution of sodium hyaluronate know as Ostenil. This type of injection is designed for the management of osteoarthritis (although it can also be used for soft tissue conditions). The injection is given directly into the joint space containing synovial fluid and works to restore the natural balance of sodium hyaluronate within the joint, improving symptoms of pain and stiffness.

Treatment options

Ostenil – A course of 3 injections given weekly.

Ostenil Plus – A single injection

Ostenil Mini – A course of 3 injections for small joints (Usually hand joints)

A key advantage of Ostenil is that no steroid is contained within the solution. Steroid injections can provide effective pain relief and for some conditions they are advised. However, steroid can also have side effects on the body and repeated use can have negative impacts on the local health of tissues. Repeated use of steroid can even be associated with worse outcomes. This can be true of conditions such as tennis elbow.

Patient information on Ostenil

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections can be administered by a physiotherapist with appropriate training. However due to the processes required to acquire a patient prescription of steroid we advise seeking this treatment via your GP or NHS specialist MSK pathway. Here at the clinic we have first hand experience of the use of steroid injections to treat musculoskeletal conditions and will be happy to give guidance and advice for your own specific case. In our experience effective physiotherapy management and clear explanation often prevents the need for repeated steroid injections.

Next steps

The best way to decide if an injection is the right course of action for you is to complete a full examination with your physiotherapist and discuss your own particular case in detail. Injections are rarely a lone solution to pain problems and form one part of effective long term care.

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