Online Physiotherapy

Virtual appointments

During the Covid 19 pandemic healthcare made huge advances in its use of technology for virtual telehealth services. Physiotherapy has been no exception.

A virtual consultation can be an excellent option for those working away or who are shielding as medically vulnerable. Some clients will also have a personal reason for preferring this type of appointment, such as chronic fatigue, anxiety or a physical mobility limitation making a face to face appointment inconvenient.

How the appointment works

As with a face to face appointment a full history will be taken, symptoms can be discussed and if desired, video technology used for some observations and examinations. Following the examination a diagnosis will be provided along with advice and a management plan for your condition.

At Blundellsands and Crosby Physio we also use an exercise prescription management software called Rehab My Patient. This allows us to send you a rehab program complete with exercise videos and advice by email.

Booking a virtual physio appointment

To book a virtual appointment please use the contact form below or call us today. Please Do Not book online directly as the appointments system shows the face to face clinic availability. It’s important that we know you are going to have an online appointment in advance so we can set up the required links for you to access the call.

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Online Physio Prices

£45 Initial Assessment – 45mins

£35 Follow up – 30 mins

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