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Climbers are a unique bunch. Throwing themselves at indoor walls, cliffs and boulders to get their weekly fix. Even getting to the best locations can be injurious, clambering over rough terrain and hiking for hours in inhospitable weather. The climbers body needs to be flexible, versatile and above all robust! Suffice to say as physios we love the challenge climbing injuries present.

Climbing injuries

Climbing injuries often do not fit neatly into the textbook, they can be a combination of injury from a sudden trauma or repeated loading injuries which build up gradually over time. Hand and shoulder injuries are common due to the obvious demands of the activity, but injury to the knee, hip or ankle can be equally problematic.

Getting the correct physiotherapy advice early can prove invaluable, while a failure to fully appreciate the injury can compound problems making things harder to resolve further down the line. Unsurprisingly prevention is 100% better than cure, so prehab and specific conditioning can pay dividends. Knowing what to do is the tricky part.

Blundellsands and Crosby Physio

Here at the clinic we have experience working with the military population and all the adventure training and climbing injuries that go with it. We understand the need for robustness and the demands of climbing on the body. We also know how important it is to box clever when the problems begin to arise. What we mean by that is getting fast expert opinion and guidance. A lot of places may claim expertise in certain sports but we know when to go to the next level. That’s why we work with Sam Corbett, a leading specialist in climbing injuries, physiotherapist and mountaineer from Adventure Fitness Consultants.

Sam conducts online video consultations and climbing specific screening programs for our patients. He works closely with climbing specific strength coaches and even takes his patients out on expeditions to complete their rehabilitation. Suffice to say we think he’s a true expert in this area and that’s why we work with him when patients need next level support.

We work together

Thankfully many of the usual climbing injuries and conditions can be treated face to face in the clinic. But if we have something that needs more climbing specific knowledge, we call in Sam and you get the best expert screening assessment and advice in the field of UK climbing rehab, combined with localised face to face clinic treatment delivered by an experienced chartered physio. The result being; saved time, money and getting you back out there faster.

Tele medicine working at its absolute best!

So to start your rehab journey today book an appointment or call us.

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